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About Our Pastures

Our Pastures
Our herd of Black Angus has grazed our pastures for over 25 years converting grass, that humans can’t eat, into meat that is delicious and nutritious. The energy that drives this comes from the sunlight that enables photosynthesis of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the grass, which the cattle then use to make meat for you. Our cattle are specially bred and selected to accomplish this task on their grass-based diet without grain.

Minerals and decaying organic matter in the soil are taken up by microbes and earthworms that digest and transmit these nutrients to the roots of the pasture grasses. This hard-working subterranean kitchen staff is fed in turn with droppings from the cattle munching above. It’s one big recycling operation. No synthetic fertilizer, no pesticides, no hormones, no antibiotics are needed, so we don’t buy them. The sun and rain are free, and oh yes, most of the labor to harvest the grass is done by the cattle, and they don’t use petroleum for this. But lunch is never free. We do buy extra minerals that the cattle need , and some tiny wasps that feed on embryo flies that pester our cattle in summer, and we pay that other pest, the tax man. Thanks for your patronage, which helps us manage our pastures and cattle for the benefit of the environment and all of us.