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Dr. Elkins' Angusburger

Dr. Elkins' Farm
Dr. Elkins' Angusburger is made from Angus steers that spend their entire lives grazing our pastures at Buck Run Farm in the green hills of Chester County. They are not fed grain. They are handled as humanely as possible. We do not use artificial growth stimulants (hormones or antibiotics). We use steak and roast cuts to make a premium quality chopped sirloin.

Our two main products can be used interchangeably to make burgers, meat loaf, chili, or in any recipe where ground meat is appropriate.

Angusburger is from fattened young steers or heifers. We include the muscle cuts that normally are used for steaks and roasts. We grind the beef in order to mix the various cuts and make uniform I lb. packages. You know what to do with ground beef, but please remember this is NOT hamburger (a word that is often used for mixtures of cheap cuts and fatty trimmings that may be chemically treated with antiseptics like ammonia and/ or spiked with artificial flavors). We do not add meat from animals from other sources, or anything else. Angusburger comes frozen, in a one pound vacuum-packed package. This is the only product we ship by overnight express, and the buyer is responsible for this extra cost. Please e-mail us to inquire about or to order this product.

Bullyburger: is Angusburger made from retired, older bulls, and has a slightly different taste and texture, and may better be used where a strong beef flavor is desired. (SUPPLY LIMITED)

Beef from grass fed animals is a source of poly-unsaturated, long chain fatty acids fats such as omega-3 and conjugated linoleic, which may have health benefits, and which are generally missing from animals finished on grain . We confirmed presence of these good fats in our beef in an independent University lab. Because of the presence of these fats, we do not strive to produce ultra lean beef. Moderate fat content (8-14%) gives a nice juicy burger.